Live Freely, Love Deeply and Laugh Often!This motto describes my attitude toward living. It also defines the nature of the work I want to do in the world.  I believe that life is a rich tapestry of experiences that shape us,  through the joys & pleasures as well as the challenges & heartaches.  We are very unique creatures that are first and foremost Spiritual Beings, who also have an amazing capacity for Rational Thought, enclosed in a Material Frame; In other words, we are a triad of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Maintaining the harmonious balance of these three aspects of ourselves is a lifelong challenge.  It requires a commitment to taking good care of ourselves on all three levels.  Yet, even with the best of intentions, there are times when things get out of balance.  At such times, “taking good care” means seeking assistance from someone who understands and whose job it is to help regain that equilibrium.

At other times, the paths through life call for asking someone with a deep understanding of the Body, Mind and Spirit, to create a space for us to experience key moments in life such as births, initiations, marriages, transitions, deaths and other significant milestones.  By allowing someone outside of oneself to facilitate the workings and rites surrounding such events, we are able to more fully embrace the experience and all that it holds.

That is what I offer. A compassionate, nurturing environment in which you can immerse into the experience of your life and all that it has to offer. As a Reader, I can assist you in gaining deeper insights into particular situations or questions in your life. As a  Spiritual/Life Counselor, I bring over 50 years of living experience in many aspects of this world to providing you with the setting in which to discuss and explore the situations, challenges and events of your life. And, when circumstances call for a “Clergy” person to create sacred space and facilitate the momentous points in life, I can offer a strong Interfaith background to meet your needs.

The links above will provide you with more information about my experience and the different ways in which I might be of service to you.  Thank you for visiting this site and I wish you the Brightest of Blessings!