Clergy Services

There are various times in our lives when it is appropriate to allow another person to create and hold safe, sacred space while we experience significant events or transitions.

Often, we see these as some of the milestones in our life, the celebration of a marriage or birth, moving into a new home, an initiation or rite of passage, or when it is time to depart this world as loved ones come together to honor a life.

These are the roles that a clergy member serves: To facilitate the rites and passages in life; To offer protection and sanctuary for celebrating or healing; And, when necessary, to assist in clearing away unwanted energy.

As an ordained clergy member, I offer a very inclusive style of ministry service. Originally Jesuit trained, I have been a student of Theology and a “Spiritual Explorer” for over 45 years. While my personal path is one of Neo-Pagan “Nature Religion”,  I am very sensitive to the spiritual journeys and traditions of others including Wiccan, Christian, Judaic, Native American, etc. Here are some examples of services that I can offer…

Ritual Design & Serving as Priest:
Whether for a marriage rite, a birth blessing, a funeral or any significant life event, I have been blessed with an ability to craft rituals that are meaningful and significant to the individual’s needs. I specialize in creating “Interfaith Friendly” rituals that make all present feel welcome and included.

For weddings or handfastings, I can provide ceremonies that are in “spirit” only, or that include legal marriage as well.

Blessings and Clearings:
When moving into a new home, shop or other environment, many people appreciate having a balancing and blessing ritual. To reset the energy of a place, vehicle, or situation, I offer rites that draw on very practical, nature based elements.  In situations where a negative or resistant energy is felt, more specific clearing and banishing rituals are possible. Guidance on protective and energetic work is also available.

Personal Rituals:
There are occasionally circumstances in life that are personally significant and that call for a special rite or ceremony to fully embrace their importance. Various situations fall into this category such as significant birthdays, divorce, career transitions, spiritual initiations, etc.  If you have such an event coming up in your life, I can be of assistance in custom crafting a ceremony to encompass it.


What I request in payment varies depending on time, complexity, number of planning sessions, location, etc. We can discuss your specific circumstances and come to an agreement on a fair amount. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Weddings / Handfastings $200-500
Birth Celebrations / Blessings $75 – 150
Memorial Services $150-400
Location Balancing & Blessings  $75-150
Energy Clearing & Banishings $75-150
Personal Ritual Design $30-60 /hour

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