Life is Good!

So, I recently passed another birthday… I don’t tend to make too much of a deal about my birthdays because for most of my life, I have never felt the age that I am supposed to be according to the calendar.  For example, when I was 21, I felt about 35…  Now that I am 51, I feel about… 35  (I suppose there is some sort of hidden mathematical equation in there, probably with a message to convey… If you figure it out, let me know!).

I have got to say that life so far has never been boring.  I’ve been a photographer since I was 7, an entrepreneur since I was 14, entered the police department at 19, started my security consulting business at 29, became a Wiccan priest at 31, began teaching at 35, bought a metaphysical shop at 46, and partnered in starting a publishing company at 50.  And those are just the highlights. I can’t even begin to list the adventures, misadventures, trysts and love affairs along the way, although I do have to admit that from my first kiss (Esther Ramirez during Story Circle in Kindergarten) to the fantastic and delightful relationship I have with Jadzia, the women in my life, whether friends, lovers or relatives, have always been an important influence, whether for better or worse!

While life has not been boring, it has certainly had its ups and downs. There have been times when I have felt absolutely invinsible and destined for greatness. And, other points when I have felt so disheartened, sad and broken that I really did not think I could go on.  And yet, had I given up at those times and let go of life, I would not have found the amazing and incredibly wonderful place that I am now; married to the partner I have been searching for all my life, enjoying my son & his wife as cool grownups, remodeling this cool 94 year old house, and beginnning what I feel will be the most fun work I have ever done.

There are some qualities I wish I had more of… Gerorge Clooney’s charm, Billy Joel’s piano skills, the Dalai Lama’s mirth & equanimity… but over all, I’m pretty comfortable being who I am. While I don’t have 4,997 friends on Facebook, for those that I do have, I am glad to say that I actually know who every one of them is, and appreciate all of you!

I expect to be around for another 40 or 50 years, and if life so far is any example, it should be quite a hoot!  And who knows, maybe by the time I’m 93, I’ll finally feel 51… Cheers!

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