Counseling Services

Our world is complicated…  Living a life that fully embraces being a complex creature of Body, Mind and Spirit, can be especially challenging. Balancing the demands of living in the everyday world while focusing on one’s spiritual journey requires a lot of work, and at times, the support of someone caring, objective and unbiased.

That is where a skillful counselor can be very helpful. Having someone that is separate from your family, friends, partners, or co-workers that you can speak honestly and openly with can be a tremendous help.

I offer confidential counseling sessions where you can explore all aspects of life from relationship questions, career choices, your spiritual practice and other important themes. By being a neutral “sounding board” and using various other techniques, I can offer a chance to gain insight to the questions you are facing, help to strengthen a spiritual discipline, or just offer a supportive place to talk things over.  All of this is done in a safe, private setting and a “judgment free” environment.

Regardless of one’s religious or spiritual orientation, I work with the “person”, not the dogma of a “Religion”.  Helping to find ways in which one’s spiritual journey can be a positive, healing and celebratory path is my primary goal.  I also look for practical, common sense approaches to life’s challenges. My work is intended to facilitate a person’s growth and personal transformation. I am not a “guru”, and will not tell someone what to do. I will however set up and hold safe, sacred space and offer support for you to make your own progress. I am comfortable working with a wide variety of spiritual paths including Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, Judaic, Native American, and Agnostic.

Note ~ ~ This is counseling work, not psychotherapy, psychiatry or any other type of medical/clinical treatment.  I do not deal with treatment of any sort of medical or psychological disorders.

If having someone that can help you sort through the various aspects of being a person of conscience, in a supportive, safe and open-minded way seems beneficial to you, then perhaps I have something to offer.  I am also available for counseling services for couples, friends, co-workers, and others who seek an objective third party to help guide them through complex communication issues.

The work I do includes a range of activities and techniques including: Open discussion, Guided Visualization, Personal Ritual, Journal Practices, Divinatory Readings, Etc., depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances.

Rates are on a sliding scale and can be for single sessions, or multiple session plans. My scale ranges from $40-80 per hour depending on ability, frequency of appointments, number of persons involved, etc.

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